About the Team

69273_10200641320898534_2046578016_nBeing a part of the AthElite Dance Team is a fun way to make friends, learn new dances, show off your dance skills and meet other dancers. The team participates in four competitions per season within a one- to two-hour drive of the Harrisburg area. Auditions for the dance team are held in the summer.

Competitive Team Expectations

Practices – Practices will be held for each team/dance routine on a weekly basis. Participation is essential. Although absences may occur, the team can only be successful if all members participate and learn the choreography together. Please do not accept a position on the team if you know you have a reoccurring conflict. If a dancer misses a class, they are responsible to make up any missed choreography on their own time. (If a class is canceled due to inclement weather, every attempt to schedule a makeup will be made, but please recognize it may not be held on a regular class night.) Ballet and tricks classes are required to be a team member!

Tuition – Tuition (based on the number of classes you have signed up for; see schedule for rates) is due on the 5th of every month. Please make check payable to Momentum and drop in the drop box in the dance studio. If payment is not received by the 5th of the month, a $10 penalty will be assessed.

Fees – Fees to be part of the competitive team include the following: choreography/music fees, costumes, warm-ups and competition registration. The cost of each costume is approximately $60. The cost of each competition registration, per student, is approximately $45 per dance. Expect that we will be entering four competitions this season. The cost of the competition fees and the cost of the costumes will be divided equally among all members of the team.

This total of the cost of the costume per dance and registration per venue/dance will be divided into eight equal payments per student that will be paid monthly in addition to the monthly tuition payments. If there is an over/under estimate, those adjustments will be made in May with either an additional bill, or a tuition credit. The purpose of the budget plan is to avoid large amounts of money being due at one time. Here’s a list of what the budget payment would be.

If your daughter is in…

  • 1 dances – $30/month
  • 2 dances – $60/month
  • 3 dances – $90/month
  • 4 dances – $120/month
  • 5 dances – $150/month
  • 6 dances – $180/month
  • 7 dances – $210/month
  • 8 dances – $240/month

Budget plan checks should be made out to AthElite Dance.

Warm-ups – Warm-up jackets are not included in the budget plan! The cost of the warm-up jacket with embroidery is $60. This fee is due at the time of the jacket being ordered.

Choreography – The fee for the choreography/music is $60 per dancer per routine, normally due at the time of the choreography sessions.

**Additional costs to consider as a team member are dance shoes per routine, tights, earrings, hotel stays (not required) and any workshops the team may attend.

If you do not make the competitive team – do not be discouraged!! There are great classes that are offered to perfect your skills for the future. In addition to competitive team classes, we also offer non-competitive ballet, jazz, tricks and technique and conditioning. We welcome dancers of any skill level and hope to encourage each dancer to work to their fullest potential and to learn to love dance.


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